(The) Barrel Bomb Monologue – A New Broadway MusicalWritten & Directed by: Bashar Al-Assad & Co. Music By: The Russian & Iranian Arms Industry in collaboration with the International Arms Industry. Executive Producer: Vladimir Putin, Ali Khamenei & The Consortium of Loyalist Oligarchs & Mullahs. Starring: Ten Million Rebellious Syrians, Five Millions Willfully Blind Ones, Eight Millions Insistently Silent Ones & One Million Dead Ones. Songs include the already record breaking “I feel shitty, oh so shitty. I feel shitty, ugly and at bay, and I envy everyone who’s not me today.” And “Obviously I feel rejected. Obviously I feel dejected. Obviously I hate everybody now. Obviously, all too obviously, I will never ever trust anyone, again.”

Believers In the Spoken Word Temple.

(The) Blood Brew Brotherhood: In death we thrive, unwittingly at first, but, not for long. 

(The) Brotherhood of Smug Mess-Makers: We kick the can down the road and up your ass, while smiling.

Brotherhood of the Continuously Reshuffled Deck: We really suck at card games. But we’re addicted to shuffling.

(The) Brotherhood of Indiscriminate Killers: you don't have to believe in or directly support our mission to be one of us; all you have to do is: nothing.

(The) Brotherhood of Psychopathic Dictators: Always ready to fuck your freedom and drink your milkshake.

(The) Brotherhood of Racist Butlers & Zombie Candidates: United for Armageddon – America 2016.  

(The) Brotherhood of the Giddy Scapegoats: you fuck things up, and we'll giddily take the blame, and the fall, all for a small fee deposited into our Cayman bank accounts. No Refunds.

(The) Brotherhood of the High Chain-Linked Fence: We believe everyone is out to get us, which is why we are continuously trying to get everyone first. In the meantime, three cheers to our high good fence: it may not make good neighbors, or provide us with adequate protection, but it does help us maintain those comforting illusions.