Gafta – The Global Alliance for Transforming Assholes (into even lousier versions of their original selves): Together we can unite the world, against decency. But it’s a start. 

(The) Global Board of Rational Deliriologists: Our motto has always been “Sanity is the true delirium.”  

Guardians of the Inevitable: A global union for mission-oriented undertakers and realist politicians with a healthy sense of narcissism and a messiah complex.

(The) Global Society for Sarcasm: We really mean what we say.  

(The) Good Old Bad Boys Society: With chapters all around the world, we have never been more sexy and attractive to vulnerable females, and no less deadly to all, including ourselves.

Grasshoppers International: The bald new is the same old, sexed-up. Got it? You’re learning little one.