(The) Illiberalist International: Reintroducing slavery one lie at a time. Slave-owners wannabes, join us and all others will be your slaves.

(The) In Bad Faith Group: The best negotiators your money can buy. Whether you are negotiating a divorce settlement or end to an armed conflict, the IBF Group will make sure that you get the best possible settlement, on its own terms.

(The) International Dead Children Parade: Celebrating global indifference to mass slaughter with glazed eyes.  

(The) International Federation For A Contained Collective Conscience (IFCCC): WE CARE, within the limits set by our extremely parochial interests, narrowly defined and appropriately downsized to reflect our ongoing obsession with avoiding looming headaches and tackling serious challenges in a manner that could actually make a difference, due to the potentially high costs involved, both politically and financially, as shown by our exquisitely manipulated gain-loss analysis produced at the behest of our Vacillator-in-Chief under the supervision of the Executive Conformer in coordination with the Foreign Affairs Abandonment Committee’s Subcommittee on Popularizing the Unconscionable, in line with its recommendations highlighted in its recent study: “Insights into the Workings of the Tamable Mind: Tools and Strategies for Softer Suasion and Coercion Techniques” published as part of the “Proceedings of the International Conference on Asocial Awareness and Parasitical Behavior Models in a Hyper-Connected World,” which took place in  Budapest, Hungary on August 3-7, 2015 and concluded with the adoption of the Budapest Regulations on Conscience Containment, Burden Mitigation and Risk Diversion, popularly known as the Budapest Rules.

(The) International Foundation for Global Anger Management: does our horrendous failure to achieve our goal make you angry? Good. Let’s manage that for you!

(The) International Yes-Men Association: we'll keep making you feel like a genius even as the whole world around you crumbles as a result of your own doings.