(The) League of Anti-Christ Wannabes: Celebrating the end of days together. After all, where will we be without traditional values?

(The) League of Dishonorable Killers: Let’s be honest, there’s no honor in killing, but we still need to be organized about it.

Legionnaires for Doom Unintended: wherever freedom is or is not, you will find us, unwittingly, fighting against it driven by our delusions of grandeur, and our belief in our own necessity. 

(The) Little Engine That Should But Won’t Inc. We know what’s right, but we’re just not sold on the reason why we should do it.

Lord Fanamort Associates:
 We empower corrupt autocrats, because it pays a lot you guys.

(The) Lovely Lovey-Dovey Lovers’ Lovefest Loving Association: To stay in love, we occasionally have to promote hate.
Lucifer Enterprises: We are the lecithin of earth and an effective sugar substitute, among other less publicized but quite widespread products and services.

(The) Lumpen Broletariat (previously known as The Con-Jobbers International): We’re bros, we work together, we play together, but we rise and fall separately.