(The) Makers of the Noise That Precedes the Silence That Comes Before the Storm: Our presence is deafening. More so our absence. 
Mercenaries Я Us: You pay, we kill, no muss, no fuss, no questions – just a friendly reminder: “bitch better have our money.”

(The) Mess-Embellishers Inc.: Mess is the only legacy one can really have. You can trust us to make it look good.  

Miracle-Workers Anonymous: A support group for people who somehow manage to retain their sanity in this bedlam world. 

“The Most Definitive Work On The Topic At Hand” – The book to end all books: It does so by dealing with whatever topic is currently of interest to the reader better than all other books. The book has all the relevant information laid out in an order that makes sense both chronologically and ontologically. It honestly acknowledges all counterclaims and summarizes them neatly and objectively before moving to swiftly refute them. It does all that in a succinct and straightforward style to which people from all different professional and educational background can related, reflecting, in the process, the author’s wit, charm, insight and humility. The book is endorsed by other main experts in the field as the work that each of them wishes to have written. Finally, the book leaves some room open for possible future retractions, corrections, and/or additional elucidations based on new discoveries and information.  

(The) Murderously Maniacal Troubadours: We’re famous for actually being able to keep you entertained while we fuck up your life.

(The) Mutual Outing Society: Transparency & Deniability. One way or another, our real motives will be exposed but without jeopardizing our ability to distance ourselves from them.