Terrorists Unchained: We can all come out of the closet now. We are no longer anybody’s dirty little secret. We are now legitimized, openly funded, and accepted. Soon we will have a seat or two at the table. 

Testosterones Anonymous, with a Freudian Twist: we would have been the baddest motherfuckers to  walk this earth, if only the mothers we fucked were always yours.

(The) Trail of Dead Russians Theme Park: Come for the thrills. Don’t expect any frills. Leave at your own peril. 

(The) Tremblers Union: A global service designed specifically for autocrats. Our members are already cowed and reigned-in. You supply the fear. We supply the sheep.  Note: we work closely with the administrators of Scaredy-Cat Anonymous – a support group for the perennially insecure. 

(The) True Party for the Truest of All Truths: Our truths are so truthful it will be a true travesty for anyone to truly doubt their true truthfulness, or to truly assert their untruthfulness, no matter how truly untruthfully one goes about it.