(The) Cabal of Krakens’ Releasers: To clarify “We just release them. We don’t tame them.”

Clockwork Orange Redux: In this re-imagining of the 1971 dystopian crime film cult classic by Stanley Kubrick, a wave of delirium is sweeping across the world facilitating the rise of a consummate narcissistic megalomaniac asshole on the global stage vying to become the leader of the free world. The menacing creature’s unlikely rise seems to be aided, rather than hampered, by his dramatic penchant to make nonsensical and outrageous declarations as regular as clockwork, keeping himself in the news and in center of all attention, and dividing humanity into a for and against camp, where his person is the issue, and not any of the myriad conflicts threatening the world. Now playing everywhere in real time.Director: Lucifer. Executive Producer: Vladimir Putin. Cast: Donald Trump as Alex DeLarge, AKA, the Orange Menace; Hillary Clinton as the sentient computer program developed by American scientists as a last ditch effort to take down the Orange Menace and save the day; and members of Morons Anonymous who actually think that the world has a third alternative. 

Club Shit:  A safe haven for all those illegally obtained funds of the Shitty and Infamous. 

(The) Consortium of the Crème de la Crème of the World’s Most Greedy Bastards: We proudly stand for everything that is wrong with the world, except for willful blindness and its consequences – that’s on you.

(The) Consummate Victims Foundation: A nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of victimhood and misery all across the world. For, as its founding charter states, “to be a victim is to be morally purely, and utterly innocent.”  The Foundation maintains a global lobbying arm known as Victims United, which is dedicated to building the legal framework for the foundation’s work. 

(The) Corleone Foundation: We are legion. 

(The) Creationists and Realists' Alliance for Bullshittery, Fuckery and Mayhem: A cynical organization aimed at obliterating containing the threat of liberal democratic values.