(The) Rational Alliance for Rabid Debate: we believe in the necessity of a rational and wholehearted commitment to fearmongering and hate.

(The) Real Realist Society for Realistic Realism, for Real: Reality is not an end in itself, but merely the starting point in our continuous invention and reinvention of truth. Not to be confused with…  The True Truthist Society for Truthistic Truthism, for True: Truth is it. Truth is us. You find us, you’ve found it. You can, then, stop looking, and, preferably, stop thinking as well. For contact info, please email us at: lostandfound@thetruetruthistsocietyfortruthistictruthismfortrue.com. 

(The) Red Herring Addicts Society: We offer a 12-step program to help those addicted to spoiling arguments by making false analogies and misleading comparisons. 

(The) Responsibility to Ignore Group (formerly known as The Realists’ Guild): We believe that we can never make a difference in this mad world of ours, and that only problems on the domestic front merit our serious attention. For this, we further believe that we have a responsibility to ignore the evil around us. Because ignored evil is contained evil, as we know, and high walls and fortified borders are sufficient protections. Amorality is how we prosper. Indifference to the plight of others is how we prove our strength, resolve and superiority. For yes, we are also convinced that we remain far more morally and intellectually superior to others, and it is indeed for this reason that we cannot afford to care about them, lest they hold us back, or, heavens forbid, we descend to their level. 

(The) Road to Hell Pavers Union: We love sheep, cattle and barbecue. But above all, we love decent well-intentioned faith-ridden and extremely naïve people. Smart ideologues used to be a delicacy, but large supply decreased the appeal.